Georgi Kodinov

Georgi is a team lead for the MySQL Server General team. I’ve joined the MySQL development team in 2006 and have been working on MySQL server development ever since. Before that I worked for another database company and served as an IT manager in a Bulgarian bank.

Georgi Kodinov is based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He loves reading science fiction and
history books and have a bias towards computer security. When not
working with computers he is striving to reach the 5000 km mark on the
Nike+ run tracker.

His presentation on IndIT Black Hat is “Demonstration of “honey-pot table” and set alarms using nothing but existing MySQL tools”. Most database attackers are after your sensitive data. But there’s no easy way to detect them accessing the data since your application will be accessing it too. This is where honey-potting can be really useful.
This session will demonstrate a neat way to do honey-potting using nothing but existing MySQL tools.

We will demonstrate how one can set up a “honey-pot table” and set alarms around it in such a way that, when the table is accessed the server will take decisive actions to limit the session’s access and warn the DBA. We will do with nothing but stock tools available for the MySQL server.