Petar Kuzmin

Petar Kuzmin is a Cyber Security Expert at SoCyber. Currenlty he takes part in different Network and Server security projects, including penetration testing. Because of his passion about cybersecurity, he attempted the European Black Hat last year, as well as other IT security conferences.
He also took a Cisco courses like Cybersecurity Operations and Routing&Switching and cybersecurity courses from other vendors.
One of his last works is a thesis work on a topic of “SOHO network protection”, achieved with the implementation of pfSense Firewall with Snort IDS system, Snorby monitoring system and a database.
At present he is also Computer Science student at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where he attended an Active Information Security course.

His presentation on Indit Black Hat is “Creating a Macro virus using a Framework “. Details: With the assistance of framework, Peter will demonstrate crafting of a payload, which could be included into a Macro (Excel or Word). The purpose of the demonstration would be to demonstrate real life scenarios and the impact for the end user from malicious user successfully launching an attack of that kind. When the attacker gains access to the victims machine he would be able to execute terminal commands, delete files and run other malicious activities. Peter will also demonstrate the measures that we should take into account to prevent from such attacks.